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Performance and achievements

Curriculum achievements in 2015

We are proud of our achievements and pleased to announce, that we have made considerable advancements in our curriculum.   Whilst many of these can be quantified in the results achieved by students, some are a work in progress and we may not see the benefits until future years.

This year we have had a focus on:

  • Maths (Prep to year 6) – we have been working with a critical friend, an international maths expert, Ann Baker to assist us in implementing Natural Maths strategies and mathematics practices.
  • Reading in years two to six – over the last 5 years we worked closely with Griffith University implementing and embedding reading strategies and instructional practices to improve reading comprehension.
  • Reading and writing in Prep to Year 1 - we have been working with our critical friend Barbara Brann to implement The Casey the Caterpillar handwriting program and Building Blocks to Literacy. 

Our biggest quantifiable achievements are in our NAPLAN results. We use these results to review our practices within the school.  We compare our results to like schools, state and nation averages and look for areas we can enhance our practices.

In 2015, we achieved significant improvements across all areas.  We are now scoring above like schools in many areas of NAPLAN and are now looking at achieving results that are better than the nation’s average in all areas.  This is a very high goal, however, we believe with our expert teachers and your support, we CAN achieve this. 

A summary of the biggest achievements in NAPLAN are as follows:

Year 3

  • All students in year 3, are at or above the national minimum standards for reading and grammar and punctuation.
  • 57% of our students achieved in the top 2 bands for grammar and punctuation.  This result is significantly above the nation and state averages.

Year 5

  • 35% of year 5 students, achieved in the top 2 bands for spelling.
  • All of our year 5 students achieved similarly to the nation in all areas of NAPLAN testing. 

Other curriculum achievements in 2015

  • Reading: We have had a heavy focus on reading and as a result, we have achieved accelerated gains for students in years’ four to seven.  The results of the TORCH (Test of reading comprehension) testing, is very pleasing.  All year levels have achieved accelerated gain, which means that students have improved more than what is expected for children reading at a particular age.  We now have a healthy group of students reading in the top 10% of children at their year level.  

  • Year one Maths:  Our year one teachers have been working hard to implement the suggestions made by our Maths critical friend, Ann Baker.   Our results in the PAT Maths standardised testing has highlighted that 25% of our students are achieving in the top 10% of students in the nation. 
  • Reading in years prep to three - All students have had their reading behaviours mapped on the First Steps in Reading Map of Development.  All students have shown growth.  Many students are reading beyond year level expectations.
  • ICAS Tests - Several students across the year levels of three to seven have achieved distinctions and credits in the ICAS tests for English, Maths, Science and Spelling.

There are many more achievements evidenced, sometimes it is difficult to quantify them into percentages to calculate the gains made.  We have very high expectations and continuously strive to achieve the best learning achievements for all students.   Our teachers have worked tirelessly this year to achieve these results.  They have made changes in their pedagogy and have researched more efficient ways of teaching with the support of our critical friends in Maths and early years’ literacy.  We have an exceptional teaching staff and it is their dedication, commitment and belief in our students that have achieved these accelerated gains. 

We have achieved and excelled many of our curriculum goals for this year and as the new 2017 year approaches, we are beginning to set new goals.  In 2016, we have set even higher goals.  We believe that with our expert teachers and the partnership we share with you, that we can achieve almost anything!!  In 2016, we will continue to excel! 


Head of Curriculum